Aliki Polydor 2008 | LED lighting scenography©2008

Aliki Polydor turns Betty Boop into Leddy Boop | 2008

Concept and project Aliki Polydor september 2008 All Rights Reserved
A transparent coffin  made to measure to accomodate our Betty Boop.
Betty Boop is  wearing black  gloves with LEDs inserted at the tip of each finger. When she rises out of the coffin, the lights are programmed to switch on.

Background music Max Raabe and his Palast Orchestra.

With the arrival of each new visitor Betty Boop rises out of the coffin and begins to dance to Max Raabe's songs. Betty Boop comes out of the coffin, her LED-lit fingers switched on, dances, then goes back to sleep again switching off the light on her fingertips. Meanwhile a projection of betty boop's cartoons is made to the sound of Cab Calloway's voice in the background.
The entire setting is lit with power-LED lighting at 6500K and dimmed to adapt to the scenography.

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Aliki Polydor | "Stira e Sukha" installation©2005-2016

"Stira and Sukha©2005-2016 Aliki Polydor installation refers to the pleasure of practicing a discipline. It is in sanscrit and sustains that in practicing any discipline or art no matter how arduous, one can reach great satisfaction. One pre-requisite for this ultimate satisfaction is the continuity and regularity in practicing that discipline.


Aliki Polydor | LED sensorial installation | Take it or leave it 2006 | S. Pietro in Archivolto

Click Here for an explanation of the installation "take it or leave it"copyright 2006


Aliki Polydor | LED sensorial installation | take it or leave it |©2006-2016